Rotary Anniversary - 23 FEBRUARY

As you may be aware, the first Rotary Club was formed on 23rd February, 1905 at Chicago, USA and the first ever formal Rotary meeting was held that day. Hence, the 23rd of February every year is observed as Rotary Anniversary. 

I request you all to  celebrate it in your own unique way by doing some act of kindness and share your pics of them by evening.🙏🏻🙏🏻
Also, I request the Rtns who have Interact clubs in their schools to organise a Birthday type event with the kids and educate them, in easy words, about Rotary and importance of social service. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
This would be real celebration or furthering Rotary as these seeds would turn into saplings and saplings into strong trees called Rotarians. 
Happy Rotary Anniversary to you in advance.

Rotary Club Dehradun distributed Vomit ?? Bags

The basic purpose of all Rotary Clubs is to make this world a better place to live. Our aim is to conserve the nature and to make its inhabitants safer & healthier. 
We, in Rotary, do lots of efforts for green & clean environment, general health,clean drinking water, cleanliness, etc., which all are laudable. 
Dehradun is a tourist destination and hilly route and it was noticed by many of us in the Club that lots of people vomit 🤮 out of the vehicles, specially buses 🚌, while travelling the winding roads on hilly terrain. This uncontrollable situation leads to soiling of the buses, the roads and the smaller vehicles 🚗 & people passing by. 
Rotary Club Dehradun decided to contribute in tackling this problem by tying up with State Transport authorities and place VOMIT BAGS in buses, specially those plying on winding roads. For this, we arranged 2000 special Vomit Bags of  good quality paper with Rotary logo & name printed on them. 

Today we handed them over to the AGM Mrs Pooja Kahere and Major B S Negi project head UK Govt at ISBT Dehradun and these will be placed in buses with the driver/conductor, where they can be taken by the passengers for free, when in need. 

These bags were placed in few buses & demonstration of how to use the bag was given to all the passengers and staff present in the bus.

Shri Vinod Chamoli (MLA) was the chief guest , he appreciated the project and asked to take it further to private buses.

We feel proud that these efforts of ours will contribute in maintaining cleanliness & hygiene and increase Rotary visibility


RC Dehradun organised a program on traffic rules and life safety  awareness at DAV College.

Experts from IDTR , Mr Ashish Shukla (joint director)gave a power point presentation to more than 200 students of DAV Inter College Students.
It was an enlightening interactive session too. Most of us present there were unaware of the meaning of certain traffic signs. Videos of accidents were also played to lay emphasis on safety precautions!
Students were told about Rotary and the motto of Rotary.

Rtn present were Dr S Farooq,
Rtn AK Srivastava and Rtn Tarun Bhatia.

Gifts were presented to the experts and to the staff of the college. Mementos were given by the college.

You can't get home, unless you're safe.We all need to be cautious. 

PS: Much thanks to Rtn A K Srivastava ji for organising the event  and  for a lavish refreshments

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is observed to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.
We in Rotary have less to contribute for its treatment but we all can play a role in its prevention. This can be done by creating awareness in our local areas. 
Rotary Club Dehradun decided to use this day by educating people about the preventions & precautions for various types of Cancers. For this, we drafted a list and got 5 standees made, both in Hindi & English languages, and placed them in the lobby of 4 major hospitals, namely VELMED hospital, Mahant Inderesh hospital, CMI & DOON hospital. 
The management/doctors at the hospitals were very pleased to look at the boldly inscribed and very relevant information on the well designed boards. Some of the visitors to the hospital, who read the boards, expressed that it is very useful initiative. Sanitizers boxes were also handed to Drs at Doon Hospital.

The small unveiling function at Doon Medical College & Hospital was attended by Dr. Ashutosh Siyana, Principal, while Dr. R. K. Jain, Chairman & Dr. Ajit Gairola attended at the CMI. 
Our member, Rtn. Dr. Chetan Sharma, who is Chairman of Velmed Hospital & Dr. Javed, Director, welcomed us at Velmed Hospital.  
At the Mahant Indresh Hospital, Dr. J. P. Sharma participated. 
At the Doon Hospital 
Dr. K. C. Pant, Chief Medical Superintendent,
Dr. Sadiq Umar
HOD, Dermatology Dept., Dr. Navneet Jain, Oncology Surgeon, Dr. Lalit Mohan, Radio Therapist participated.

Catholic Church Clement town Financial Assistance to Weaker Students by Rotary Club Dehradun

In yet another Social Service Project today, the Rotary Club Dehradun gave Financial Assistance towards the tution fees of few children from the Christian minority community. The assistance of ₹18000 was for 15 students and this was provided at the request of Ms Pastor George, attached to the Catholic Church of Clementown. 

Dr. S. Farooq, spoke about the importance of inculcating good habits, studying hard and becoming good citizens of India. Rtn Patricia Hilton thanked all present there.
The staff and students were also provided gift hampers.

Vocational Awards by Rotary Club Dehradun

The Vocational Awards of Rotary Club Dehradun for the Rotary Year 2020-21 were distributed today at a simple but impressive function. The awarded were chosen after taking into consideration their service to the society, specially in the hard times of the pandemic. 
Hon Sri Ganesh Joshi, MLA, was the Chief Guest. 
Those honoured included Sri Bhagwan Singh, Driver; Constable Pradeep Nautiyal; SHO Narottam Bisht, both serving in Uttarakhand Police; Sri Mohan Kumar, Safai Karamchari. The were honoured with a Citation and a gift by the Chief Guest .
The occasion was also used to honour Dr. B. K. S. Sanjay, a local medical practitioner, who has been honoured with Padma Shri award recently. 
PP Dr. S. Farooq spoke about the work being done by Rotary Club Dehradun and thanked the guests. 
The Chief Guest, Sri Ganesh Joshi, MLA, lauded the efforts of Rotary Club Dehradun and said that the work being done by it in and around the city are very visible and Rotary is being appreciated. 

The proceedings were conducted by Secretary Rtn. Patricia Hilton and also present were PDG David Hilton & PP R. K. Bakshi.

Financial Assistance: 27th January 2021

Today RCD extended help towards 4 social services at 1Inder Road as we recieved various official requests from different people to extend our ever helping hand in their trying times. So it was decided  to conduct these acts of kindness under one roof so as to save time and other resources. 

1st Cause-

 RCD had recieved an official request from the Principal of DAV college to provide for the fees of 21 students which summed upto a total of ₹ 26,000/-. RCD looked into the matter and donated the needful.

2nd Cause:
 RCD donated an amount of ₹ 15,000/- which was the salary of 3 teachers  teaching at Sri Guru Ram Rai School , Dehradun.  

3rd Cause:

The third cause required the sum of ₹ 5,000/- to assist in the marriage of a girl. She was present at the venue and was handed over the money .

4th Cause: 
RCD gave the payment of ₹19,250/- fees of a student Iqra Zabi at SGRR Talab Dehradun. 

RCD instills in us a sense of farsighted humanity  and teaches us :
if you are planning for a year , sow rice.
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees.
And if you are planning for a lifetime ,educate people

RC Dehradun celebrated the 72nd Republic Day at the Rotary Dispensary.

In an effort to connect ourselves with the soul of the country, we invited 20 slum children and celebrated this pious day with them. 
Many Rotarians were present and they spoke on the importance of this day and make the kids aware of patriotism. 
Every child was handed a goody bag comprising of chocolates, cookies, water, namkeen, chips, hand sanitizer and soap. Along with this, each of them was gifted with a new set of clothes. This brought real smile on the faces of the children who had come dressed up in their best. 

The programme was followed by a lunch for all. 
After the programme, the underprivileged kids from Shastri Nagar slum area were taken in a Mini Bus for a tour of Dehradun city, which was around 12 km of drive. Most of them had never moved out out of their area and it was a real excitement and enjoyment for them. They were accompanied by Rotractors Dr Udita Bhatia & Upaskar Bhatia and we appreciate their efforts. 
Once again, the programme instilled the spirit of patriotism, devotion and dedication and in all of us. 
Rtns present were:

Rtn Arvind Oberoi🙏🏻
Rtn RK Bakshi
Rtn Dr Arun Kumar 
Rtn David Hilton 
Rtn Joginder Singh
Rtn Dr S Farooq 
Rtn Patricia Hilton 
Rtn Pawan Agrawal 
Rtn Tarun Bhatia
Rtn AK Srivastav 

Anne Punya Bakshi
Anne  Sulekha 

The end note that I would like to add is 
"to see the change we should be the change."

RCD organises Webinar on Stress Management on Zoom.

Today, 20th January 2021 evening, Rotary Club Dehradun organised a Webinar on Causes of Stress and ways of managing stress. The importance of seminar was more because of the increasing stress levels amongst the youth and we had specially invited Rotractors to attend. 

The expert psychiatrists were Dr. Shahid Malik from the USA, Dr. Kisliya Dhar from Dehradun and Dr. Shabiullah Syed from New Delhi. 
The programme was meticulously moderated by Rtn. Dr. Shilpi Panwar. 

All the 3 experts spoke on different aspects of stress, depressions, mental health, psychological behaviours, etc. and how to cope up with them in a scientific manner. All the three talks, specially by Dr. Kislaya Dhar, were highly informative and enlightening. This was followed by a very interactive session of the doctors with the Rotractors. 
The questions put up the youngsters were very pertinent and intelligent and were answered by the doctors with great interest. 
Almost 75 people including many Club members joined the meeting.  
The meeting was ably conducted by Secretary Rtn. Patricia Hilton.

Premdham 15/01/2021

The great scientist Albert Einstein said “Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living“.....
Following this and various other counsels and examples set by great social workers like Gandhi ji, Mother Teresa and others, Rotary Club Dehradun has made its motto to continuously serve the humanity. Our endeavour is to spread happiness and take away miseries from the life of those in difficulty, specially the old and disabled. 

In yet another such exercise today, members of RC Dehradun visited a Senior Citizens Home, Premdhan, in the city. 
The purpose was to meet the inmates and comfort them and also make their importance felt. 
We met the around 40 inmates, spoke to them and presented them with eatables like peanuts, cholai laddoo and winter care kits comprising of items like Septlin syrup, immunity booster Tea, Balm, Lozenges, Joshanda and toiletries like Soap & Sanitizers. 
The second part was their counselling on keeping healthy and this was ably done by Dr. S. Farooq. He also listened to their health problems and gave them apt advise. 
Although many of the inmates were disabled and paralysed, most of them were jovial  and happy to meet us. The most touching moment was when a 93 year old lady, Mrs. Kapoor, who had migrated from Pakistan was so moved that she held my hand  tightly and remembered her Muslim friend of pre partition days. 
We left most satisfied that the purpose of Rotary had been truly lived and not before promising to be back soon. 

Rtns present were our very inspiring Rtn Arvind Oberoi Ji , Rtn RK Bakshiji and Rtn Dr Farooq.

Rotary Neki Bazar:13-01-21

The 13th of January every year is celebrated with much fan fare as Lohri in almost all parts of North India. The day is also celebrated under various titles in many states of India. However it’s a festival of fun & frolic marking beginning of a new season. 
Rotary Club Dehradun thought of celebrating it in a little different way, that is, by making it a day of giving to the underprivileged and making them happy. 

We organised an open, free of cost, bazaar for them NEKI BAZAAR. This was organised at Health and Wellness Centre in Guru Nanak Enclave, Niranjanpur Majra, Dehradun. This was organised with the help of local Municipal Counseller, Mr. Muqeem & local Social Worker Arshad. They, along with PP Rtn. Tarun Bhatia, PP Rtn Dr. S. Farooq & myself, managed the display and distribution of various items of daily use to around 300 beneficiaries from two slums in the area. 

The items included used and new clothings like Safari suits, Kurta pyjamas, 
Coats, Pants, Blazers, 
Waist Coats,etc. around 100 in number for men; Ladies suits, tops, Night gowns, etc. around 75 in number for women; around 550 Babies clothes from 1 month to 8 yrs; 10 pairs of Shoes; 10 bags & suitcases; around 40 Dinner plates, Glasses, Tea cups, Pans, etc. Many of the items were new and purchased at a cost of ₹5000 approx. while the others were collected from the family . 

It took no time for all the items to be distributed and taken away. 
The best part was that the assembled guests and beneficiaries were told about Rotary and the work it does. It was another exercise in popularising Rotary. 
We plan to make it a permanent project and hold such bazars 3-4 times a year in different localities.

Rotary Club Dehradun distributes Night Shelters (Tents)

Rotary Club Dehradun undertook a very vital project, last night, that was for the benefit of the homeless poor who spend their long nights in near freezing climatic conditions under the open sky. 
Our Club members conducted a survey of such persons and found many families with small children sleeping with sparing covers on the pedestrian, in the open. We scouted for easy to assemble & easy to maintain tents and collected money to purchase 10 tents valued at Rs 12,000/-. 
The tents 🏕 are of two types, one can accommodate 4 persons and the other can accommodate 6 persons. The name of RC Dehradun and Rotary Logo are boldly printed on the tents ⛺️ for increasing Rotary visibility. 
Late last night, myself accompanied by PP Dr. S. Farooq, distributed 5 tents to the most deserving at different locations in the city - under the ISBT Flyover, on Prince Chowk & on Saharanpur Road. It was a divine experience to see the happiness on the faces of the beneficiaries, specially children. But the sight of their temporary abodes & their plight would make one sweat even on the cold night. 
The rest 5 tents have been handed over to 2 members for distribution tonight. 
The concerning part was that there are hundreds who need to be provided these shelters. We are working on a bigger project for this. 

The sight last night made our hearts say out:
दुनिया में कितना ग़म है, मेरा ग़म कितना कम है..

Hari Om Ashram, Karwa Pani, Karbari Grant

on the request of Hari Om Ashram ,handed over the following items for use of the students residing in the ashram:

1) Socks 30 pairs (Rs 20/- each)

2) Shoes 30  pairs (Rs 120/- each)

3)Slippers 30 pairs (Rs 110 each)

4)Books & Model Papers costing Rs 2500/-
& a bundle of brooms.
The entire project was financially supported by Rtn Ravi K Batra.

Rtn Dr Farooq spoke to the children about education and basic etiquettes.

On reaching the ashram we found a Goshala with 700 cows. PP Rtn Dr. S. Farooq was requested to make some donations on behalf of RC Dehradun and he gracefully handed over an amount of Rs 10,000/-.
Rtns present were PPRtn Dr Farooq, PP Rtn Tarun Bhatia.

8th Blankets Distribution Drive by Rotary Club Dehradun: 18-12-20

RCD carried out yet another Blankets Distribution Drive today in which a total of 60 blankets were distributed. 

RC Dehradun conducted a series of programmes wherein we distributed blankets at Mahila Ashram, places of worship, on the roadside, households, etc. during the past few weeks. 
With the mercury dipping and chilly winds blowing for the last couple of days, a number of people approached us for blankets So, we distributed blankets to 60 persons we found to be most deserving. 

Till date, RCD has distributed  1000 blankets of value Rs 2,20 ,000 /-and intends to give few more as and when suitable. 

Keep safe- wear a mask

Wearing a mask is the most important thing we can do to stop the spread of COVID -19.
Keeping this in mind and to encourage more people to wear masks to keep safe from infections , RC Dehradun gave 60 masks to the girls , elderly ladies and staff at Mahila Ashram Dehradun. The Ashram management  expressed their appreciation  and happiness to RC Dehradun for this thoughtful gesture


Now that many of us are feeling the winter blues due to drop in temperature RCD decided to visit the senior citizens of Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Ashram. The Club handed over 10 special winter care kits which comprised of herbal medicines , immunity boosters to counter the symptoms of common cold and cough to the 10 residential senior citizens residing within the premises of the Ashram. The ladies were also given blankets to keep them warm as the temperature is dropping day by day.

2-A very informative talk was given by Dr S Farooq on the current status of Covid-19 in our country. The audience comprised of 50 girls belonging to the same institution and were furthermore handed over hand sanitizers and soaps to help counter one of the evident reasons of the spread of this pandemic. 

Sanitary Napkins were distributed amongst the girls to lay emphasis on personal hygiene.

Rotarians present were Rtn Arvind Oberoi ,PDG Rtn David Hilton, PP Rtn R K Bakshi, PP Rtn Dr Farooq, Tarun Bhatia and Club Secretary Rtn Patricia Hilton.

A persons most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge,but a heart full of love ,an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

on the occasion of “International Day of Persons with Disabilities“,  RC Dehradun distributed 100 blankets to the specially abled people who are more deserving of support in cash and kind.

Programme on World Pollution Day & Distribution of blankets,Chocolates and fruit.

PP Rtn.Dr S . Farooq gave an interesting and informative talk on World Pollution Day. He organized a short quiz and  the children were awarded soaps,creams and Sanitizers for giving the correct answers.
100 Blankets were also given to them to keep warm during the cold winter months.
The children were happy to receive chocolates and fruit also.
PP R.K.Bakshi thanked the management, children,staff and Rotarians for being present for the programme. 
Rotarians present for the programme  were President Naghma Farooq, Secretary Patricia Hilton, PP Dr. S Farooq,PP R.K Bakshi, PP Arvind Oberoi,PP Tarun Bhatia,R'Ann Sheetal Bhatia, and Treasurer PP Joginder Singh.
The Management of the orphanage thanked Rotary Club Dehradun for their kindness and thoughtful gesture towards the children.

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – 
Barbara De Angelis

Electric Syringe/Needle destroyer Donation to five identified Doctors in the city and Awareness on prevention of HIV - AIDS

It is a normal practice that all medical practitioners dispose the used syringe needles with the medical waste that is collected by a specialised agency for discarding.

In order to ensure that used needles are disposed off  effectively and immediately, RCD surveyed and identified Doctors who did not have this facility at hand .
Since the reuse of needles is one of the main inceptions of spread of HIV ,we decided to present Electric Syringe/Needle destroyer costing Rs 1150/ each to five Doctors in the  city.

In addition RC Dehradun also distributed pamphlets in simple language elaborating the do’s and don't s for the prevention of HIV .They were in Hindi and English languages for conveying the message loud and clear. The were pasted inside and outside the clinic for a better glimse of the patients .

Note:Special thanks to PP Rtn Dr SL Guptaji for organising the entire project.

Gurpurab Celebrations by Rotary Club Dehradun

Monday, November 30, 2020 was observed as Gurpurab world over. This happy occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the founder of Sikhism, was celebrated by Rotary Club Dehradun also. 
Observing the safety norms of Covid Rtn. D. S. Mann & myself, , visited the Guru Singh Sabha located at Aadhat Bazar and offered our greetings to the granthis and other Sikh brethren present there. 
We praised the compassion, spirit of service and valour of the community and requested them to accept a small contribution from RCD towards service to humanity. 
We handed over 75 bottles of Hand Sanitizers and 50 Woollen Blankets to the management following Vandd Chhako, the principle of sharing laid down in Sikhism. These items will be used for the visitors and for free distribution.  
The Guru Singh Sabha accepted the offerings and presented their best wishes to all members of RCD

Health & Nutrition 25-11-2020

Rotary Club Dehradun distributed eggs to the following institutions:
1.Prem Dham old age home at Dalanwala - 5 trays
2.Rajkiya Purva Madhyamik Vidhyala orphanage, Rajpur Road Dehradun-10 trays.
3.Awas, balak chatrawas Orphanage at Dharmpur. -10 trays
The children and elderly people were very happy and thanked RC Dehradun for their thoughtful gesture.


Blankets was sent to all the members that was to be further donated to a destitute person at individual level and the pictures of the handover were shared accordingly

World Toilet Day

on the occasion of World Toilet Day , RC Dehradun has started the work of the Toilet block which will contain 8 toilets, 2 sanitisation room 5 hand wash and 2 water coolers, at Rajkiyay Balika Inter College, which will serve 651 underprivileged girls studying there.

Bal Vanita Ashram Winter Uniform Distribution 16-11-29

on the request of Bal Vanita Ashram RC Dehradun donated   winter uniforms for 24 students . It was very warm and thoughtful at their end to welcome us with a song and then they further provided us with refreshments.

Diwali sweets were also distributed to all .

It was exceptionally endearing to meet the children that Rotary Club has adopted and see to their well being.

Rtns present were Rtn Aditya Arya, Rtn RK Bakhshi , Rtn SL Gupta .


Today Rotary Club Dehradun distributed 100 blankets  to the needy women of Azad colony along with sanitizers and soaps .

Children’s Day Celebration - 14th November 2020

Rotary Club Dehradun celebrated Children’s Day with 55 underprivileged children of a near by area.Various stalls were set up by Rotarians which included  indian festive clothes, toys , chips, candies etc. Despite the occupancy of these times many Rotarians turned up to show their support and extend their ever helping hands were PP Rtn Bakshi , PP Rtn Dr Farooq, PP Rtn Anuj S Singh , Rtn Patricia Hilton. Mr Tarun Bhatia and 2 Rotractors were also present at the site. This event was inaugurated by Ms Julie Temple.(Educationist)

To further give a kickstart to the celebration many rides were booked for the entertainment of the kids but not at all compromising the need of the hour ie regular sanitization! The swings and rides were sanitized at regular intervals maintaining the hygiene standards.
Children enjoyed the rides  thoroughly.

 Mini meal including of burgers, chaat and chowmein was served to them and last but not the least very good quality toys were given to each one of them as a gift .

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give,and become more meaningful when it is to give a smile on children faces .
PS: special thanks to Anne Asha Ji for donating some toys

Joyful Giving 13-11-2020

To bring joy and happiness in the lives of the needy during this festive season Rotary Club Dehradun gave 5 underprivileged families monthly rations,
Diwali sweets, warm clothes and Rs.1100 each .These small acts of kindness brings great happiness and meaning  in our lives too.

Diwali Celebration for Orphans

Going as per the spirit of Diwali i.e to illuminate our lives with lights ,Rotary Club Dehradun decided to organize diwali celebrations for  the orphans at Rajkeeya Poorva Madhyamik Vidhyalay a residential school . The celebration comprised of distribution of toys and gifts  to 124 students,each according to the students age group.

 A seperate stall was set up on which various sizes of  shoes , bangles , makeup , nail paints , hair accessories etc were showcased so as to spread the warmth and excitement of this festival. 

A special kid friendly meal was planned which varied from burgers, chat, chowmein etc for it is well said that a full stomach is equivalent to a happy heart.

To further set the festive vibe a singer was invited and requested to sing songs .A beautiful cultural program was organized by the students of the ashram.

The programme was a huge success and this can be proudly conveyed by the shy yet content smiling and happy faces of the children throughout the event.
2- Amount of Rs 10000/- was handed over to the principal for 10 mattresses required for the children.

Past Presidents Dr. S. Farooq, Dr. Arun Kumar, Raj Bakshi, Tarun Bhatia, Ann Asha Shrivastava, Rotractors Udita and Upasak  attended the event. At the end of the program, the principal of the school, Mr. Hukam Singh, acknowledged the Rotary Club Dehradun for celebrating the evening with these underprivileged children.

World Polio Day on 24th October 2020

Rotary Club Dehradun decided to observe and celebrated the World Polio Day in a big way so as to create awareness and interest amongst the public in general. 

Since Polio has been eradicated from India, with special efforts of Rotary, it is our duty to ensure the that it does not return back and for this no immunisation cycle is to be missed. 

What we see leaves a lasting impression and with this thought, we planned a rally on the streets and roads of Dehradun. 

The rally included 15 Vintage Cars 🚗 and around 60 cyclists 🚴‍♀️ and starting from Safe Towers, the rally ended at Ballupur Chowk in the heart of the city. 

Hundreds of people cheered, waved and acknowledged the rally exhorting the importance of safety from Polio. The cars had banners with appropriate slogans and the cycles had placards highlighting Polio awareness. The highlight and beauty of the rally was the very bright sun umbrellas, with Rotary symbol and polio awareness related slogans, that were carried by the car riders and later presented to few people for display. The presence of Rotary was very strong in the atmosphere. 

The rally began with a sumptuous refreshment sponsored by Past AG Rtn. Dr. S. Farooq.the Rally was flagged of by two Vice Chancellors,of SBS University and Mr SK Joshi of Uttarakhand Ayurvedic University .Mr Joshi highlighted the problems of post polio paralysis problems & their treatment, etc. 

RC Dehradun gratefully acknowledges the support of Dehradun Cycling Club who partnered the rally with 40 cyclists from their club. The cyclists were presented with T-shirts specially made for the occasion. RC Dehradun also presented the Dehradun Cycling Club with 10 helmets ⛑ for their cycling practice. 
Besides student volunteers, our Club members , friends , AG Rtn Jagat Batra ,dynamic club secretary Rtn Patricia Hilton participated in the rally

World Food Day

On the occasion of World Food Day, Rotary Club Dehradun has given breakfast to 30 handicapped and underprivileged people & handed each of them Rs 100/-which will be sufficient for their one time meal.

Act of Kindness

Today President Rtn. Naghma Farooq and Secretary Patricia Hilton on behalf of RC  Dehradun visited Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Ashram at Dehradun and met the 50 girls and 10 elderly ladies who reside there.  
60 boxes costing Rs.8000/- full of delicious goodies
(britannia cake, cookies, frootis, chips, namkeen, choclate, maggie etc )was given to the Ashram for the girls and elderly. Ashram.  President Mrs.Savita Gupta,Vice President Mrs.Rekha Gupta and Treasurer Mrs.Kusum Kumar thanked RC Dehradun for their kindness.
The girls were happy and interacted by sharing their interests etc. They also sang a beautiful welcome song. 
RC Dehradun will be making more visits to the Ashram and will render all help to them regularly.

Poetic Symposium VII 'Jashn-e-Charaghan
GO GREEN - Each One Plant One
Jeevan Asha

At the Installation function held on 23rd July 2020 at The Indian Cambridge School the club launched a permanent project named 'Jeevan Asha' The project aims to give hope to the unemployed and needy by helping them to set up small businesses so that they can be self sufficient and earn their livelihood especially in these difficult times. 2 projects were initiated on 23-07-2020. 1) Two sewing machines were given to 2 needy ladies. 2) Mr.Furqan a needy person was given financial assistance to hire a cart and sell vegetables . Members bought vegetables from him on the same day. 3) A disabled person was helped to set up a small kiosk to sell daily needs .

Forest in Forest Project

Under its “Forest in Forest Project” Rotary club Dehradun planted 555 trees in 2 acres of Chandrabani forest area to maintain the environment and at the same time to provide additional value to the forest. Club Secretary Rtn. Patrica Hilton and members of the club who conceived this Project needs special mention. Chief Guest Dr. Jai Raj PCCF & HOFF Uttarakhand appreciated the Rotarians specially PP Rtn. Dr. S. Farooq for this great and timely undertaken Project in field of environment protection. Special Guest Shri Vinod Chamoli, MLA Dehradun along with his team was present. He appreciated the efforts of the Rotary in this field. The Rotary Club Dehra Dun assured the Chief Guest to provide 555 Medicinal plants & Fruit Plants of Arjun, Tun, Mango, Jamun etc. & Herbal Plant like Giloe & Bamboo plants etc. DFO Mr. Rajiv Dhiman and Ranger Mr. Udai Gaur were also present. President Naghma Farooq welcomed the Chief Guest and thanked Dr. Jai Raj, all other forest staff, Rotarians & Himalaya team for the plantation work done and providing the opportunity to serve. Present on the occasion were PDG. Rtn. David Hilton, PP Rtn. R. K. Bakhshi, PP Anuj Singh, PP Sumeet Nanda, PP Tarun Bhatia, Ravi Batra, Pawan Agarwal, Harish Kumar, Patricia Hilton etc. vote of thanks was proposed by Chairman (Tree Plantation) Rtn. Sandeep Agarwal. The meeting ended with high tea on the site after the work was over.

Annapoorna Day & Doctor's Day

As we begin the new Rotary year , we seek the Almighty's blessings to reach out to the needy in these very difficult and troubled times. We begin by marking it as a day of giving: 1) Distribution of 50 PPE kits and 200 N 95 masks with Rotary Logo, to Doon Hospital and Coronation Hospital. 2) General 3 layered 300 masks and Monthly rations to impoverished, families at Jhajra, Chakrata Road & Rajpur Road area. 3) 500 Lunch packets to the needy/hungry at different places. 4) Sanitary napkins to underprivileged girls.